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Pulaski Vehicle Magnets


Does the idea of customizing your vehicles for branding and promotion appeal to you? Do you prefer a more flexible option that you can remove and reuse at will to do this? Our customized Pulaski vehicle magnets can be the perfect solution!

car magnet

At Covenant Signs and Graphics, we have a team of graphic designers, manufacturers, and installers who can handle the transformation of your vehicles into high-impact advertising tools. We will meticulously design vehicle magnets, manufacture them with durable materials, and ensure that the resulting magnet has high-resolution graphics that will make your brand more memorable for potential customers.

But aside from being fully customized to match your brand guidelines, the best advantage of our vehicle magnets is that you can remove and reapply them whenever you choose. This comes in handy if there are moments when you don’t want your vehicle to carry your business name.

To know more about how our vehicle magnets can help you or how our service can maximize your marketing investment, contact us today. We’ll gladly guide you through your customization options and help you plan the best promotional transformation for your vehicles!

Call Covenant Signs and Graphics today at (920) 875-5496 for your Free Consultation with a Pulaski Vehicle Magnet expert!

Advertise When You Need It

With our design expertise and high-quality materials, you can ensure that our Pulaski vehicle magnets will be effective in widening your marketing reach. You can apply them on your vehicle, drive through your usual route, and effortlessly leave a good impression on everyone who’ll see them.

vehicle magnets and matching yard signsPeople driving alongside you and those outside their homes and establishments will be familiar with your brand. Even if they haven’t stepped foot near your physical location, they will already know your name, address, and contact information. Passersby can also know your brand if they see your vehicles being parked.

Aside from widening your marketing reach, vehicle magnets allow you to choose when to use your vehicles as advertising tools. This is extremely handy if your business vehicle is also the one you’re using for personal errands.

If you’re going to places where you think advertising your business through your vehicle is inappropriate, you can take the magnets off. You can put it back later on as easily as you took it off. This convenience in removing and reapplying vehicle magnets is also beneficial if you need to change the vehicle you use for business.

Signage Restricted Neighborhoods

Vehicle Magnet, Magnetic Car Sign

If you operate a small business and use one car for personal and commercial purposes, it might be harder to use your vehicle as a marketing tool.

For one, there’s the issue of inappropriately bringing a car with branded graphics to a personal affair. Also, if your neighborhood implements signage restrictions, installing permanent vehicle graphics will prevent you from bringing your vehicle home. Fortunately, vehicle magnets can resolve this issue!

With our customized Pulaski vehicle magnets, you can use your car to promote your business while still adhering to your community’s signage guidelines. You can remove the magnets while you’re in your neighborhood and simply apply them again when you’re already out and ready to advertise your business.

Full-Service Sign Company

Covenant Signs and Graphics is a full-service Pulaski, WI sign company you can always trust. For years, we’ve been providing high-quality customized signs for businesses in various industries. No matter what type of sign you need or how much budget you have, our team can tailor the best signage that meets your needs.

food truck menu board magnetAside from customizing vehicle magnets, graphics, and lettering, we also offer the following signs:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • LED signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pole signs
  • Yard signs

If you’re not sure what to use, our signage experts can help you choose. We’ll make sure that your business sign will be suitable for its intended messaging purpose and installation area. Whether you meant to install your sign indoors or outdoors, we’ll use the appropriate materials that can last for a long time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have inquiries about our service or available products. We’ll be happy to help you plan a cost-effective signage investment that will bring improve your overall business performance!

Free Vehicle Magnet Consultation

Pulaski Vehicle Magnets covenant logo 300x128Vehicle magnets are durable, attractive, and cost-effective marketing tools. They can help you gain new customers in the least labor-intensive way. Put them on your car, drive your daily route, and increase your brand awareness!

So if you want to maximize your marketing opportunities, talk to our signage experts today. We can start customizing your vehicle magnets right away. And if you want, we can further help your marketing campaign by supplying all other business signs that you’ll need.

Call Covenant Signs and Graphics today at (920) 875-5496 for your Free Consultation with a Pulaski Vehicle Magnet Expert!

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